furniture-bank-association-of-north-america-logo-150x91There is a wonderful way to improve other lives while improving your home.  The Furniture Bank has 70 locations throughout the country, picking up furniture from your home or store and delivering it to those in need.  With more than 1 million homeless in America, gently used furniture donations are greatly needed to provide comfort to seniors, battered women, the unemployed and students.

every-piece-of-furniture-helps-girlThe Furniture Bank works with donators and the recipients of some very functional furniture.  A side benefit of donating furniture is being able to write off furniture donations from taxes.  You may also wish to send a check to the Furniture Bank.

Some local furniture stores are even offering discounts of up to 10% if they work with a local furniture bank to donate furniture.  Ask your local furniture store.

How to Donate Furniture if You are a Homeowner

furniture-bank-truck-150x90Visit to find one of the 70 locations for pickup across the United States.  Each furniture bank operates independently and decides which items they are willing to take.  Large items like beds, sofas, dressers and lamps are all functional pieces that families starting over need.

Donate Furniture if you Own a Hotel or Other Business

Businesses can reap the benefits of donating gently used furniture.  Many banks will pick up the furniture even two or three hours away.

Why not help someone else in the coming year?  Visit

Jennifer Litwin