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“My coach taught me how to be acutely aware of who the TV viewer is, in both national and local markets. He gave me excellent tips on how to relate to, and find commonality with the viewer so they are fully engaged throughout the segment.”

Jennifer Litwin
“The Shop Cop”  Consumer Reporter
Author of “Furniture Hot Spots” &  Best Furniture Buying Tips Ever!”


US_NewsNo Couch Potato

“An undercover agent’s guide to furniture shopping.”

USA-Today-150x94Let’s go Furniture Shopping
“Having trouble finding furniture you love in your hometown stores? It might be time for a road trip, says Jennifer Litwin, author of Furniture Hot Spots: The Best Furniture Stores and Web sites Coast to Coast“
Kelly Jordan, Producer – Twin Cities Live
Jennifer Litwin’s consumer expertise is top notch. She is intelligent, funny, and very natural. She puts viewers at ease with her knowledge of all things consumer. The amount of energy and time she puts into each segment makes my job much easier. Without question, her passion is teaching viewers consumer values and how to save & make money!
“Litwin has done a great service for the American consumer.”

“An excellent guide to …the most puzzling and intimidating areas of consumerism…”
“When it comes to shopping….Jennifer Litwin is a great person to have on your side, made her an ideal expert for the readers of Consumers Digest.”
“Have you ever seen someone so focused? She really knows what she is doing, and she is pretty charismatic.”
“Litwin is cheerful, engaging, and does not lack for confidence on her fast-paced surveillance missions.”

“A slim but spirited volume called “Furniture Hot Spots” awards chairs of distinction. She relates her often outrageous experiences and adds insider information.”
Smart Woman TV
“From city to city, one store to the next, she goes undercover to find the best quality at the best prices…”

“Jennifer Litwin, Author of Best Furniture Buying Tips Ever” was singing my song…”

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