Pantone-2013-colorsIf you have ever walked into a furniture store and then into a clothing store, you’ll begin to see recurrent color themes.  Our eyes begin adjust to these colors, and that’s how trends are born. Though I’ve vowed to never follow trends in color or fashion, (my friends would agree), I am interested in trying out small additions of the latest colors trends.  It is easy to become stale in your sense of design and fashion, and adding a pop of a hot color doesn’t have to make you look trendy, just updated–there’s a difference.  The Pantone group carefully selects after doing pantone-colors-6a lot of research on environmental and consumer trends, news, new technology and other noteworthy events, and their research paves the wave of the future, in how we see the world, our homes and closet.  Selecting some key colors can make all the difference in the world when you are selling a house or just refreshing your look.

In my own home, I have decided to reupholster some furniture in my living room and office.  Though I am careful to not go overboard in buying the hottest trends in fabrics, I am selecting fabrics that reflect a slightly updated look.



This year’s hottest colors are emerald green and pale purple.  Here are examples to whet your appetite:


1.  Paint a wall–this is easy and an affordable way to bring life into your home and freshen things up a bit

2.  Paint a baseboard or molding a different color–why not take advantage of the 2013 color trends without making a long term investment?

3.  Add a blanket or pillow with your favorite hot new color—maybe add a small geometric–your home will instantly look updated and fresh

4.  Get an inexpensive poster, new or old, frame it in a Pantone 2013 color

5.  Buy a kitchen appliance, small or large, in a hot new color—who says you have to take your kitchen appliances off the counter?   Keep your favorite, or most frequently used appliance out.  You’ll be surprised at how your family and friends will notice and compliment you on it.

6.  Buy new knobs for your desk drawers—knobs usually run $5-20, but give a little burst of life and color that can modernize your office space

Jennifer Litwin